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When You Hit A Crossroads Over and Over Again…

There always seems to come a point in time in my life where things stop working for whatever reason and I come to a point where I say to myself “What am I doing?  What do I need to do?”.  For some strange reason this seems to happen quite often, usually after a string of failed tests or losing an income source.

I don’t think it ever truly defines me, well it actually might…

For whatever reason I am a creature of habit. I get stuck doing the same things and sometimes they can be mildly successful sometimes not.  But for whatever reason i keep doing them and don’t pivot/adjust and make a change(Especially when I should).  For whatever reason I keep letting things run and go along as they had been previously until there comes a point where I finally put my foot down and make a decision.

I don’t think I am alone in this but I find it happening to myself over and over again.  I’m not going to sit here and drop some high and mighty shit like “this Stops Today!” or “Today Is a New Day!”.  I’ve tried it that doesn’t work for me.   What has actually always seem to work for me is writing things down and getting my thoughts out of my head and into physical form that I can see and not constantly torment my mind by staying stuck in my head.

My biggest hiccup when it comes to business ventures normally of any shape or size is I truly love the buildup and the building stages.  I love figuring things out and testing them.  My biggest issue I know I will eventually have to deal with is what I call “The Continuation”.  Let me explain a little….

After something has been built and initial testing is done I usually lose my luster for it and get pre-occupied with something else(And basically repeat the process over and over again).  I haven’t figured out a way to be able to get what I need tested then get enough data in order to pass that along to a VA to completely vet something and have the VA manage it so I can pivot onto other things like I ultimately want to.

I don’t think that makes me any less passionate about a project or something that is tested it just means that I love to chase the dream, and I love the game.  I have never been one that can sit down, test something  then build a process.  I have always been the ass backwards one:  Build the process out completely including ways to replicate it and scale it out hard, then I test.  I don’t know if that means I am destined to fail unless miraculously something works the first time out, but I know it is one of my biggest drawbacks.

I think I need to go back to the drawing board and actually read Lean Startup this time and apply its principles before I build a castle just to find out that if you build it out of popsicle sticks that won’t quite cut it…